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I am a 26 year old designer, entrepreneur, student, and podcaster. I live in the Plateau area of Montréal, where I frequent far too many web cafés. Montréal is also the city where I was brought up and have lived my entire life.

I have been podcasting since November of 2004. I am one of the first podcasters in Canada, and definitely the first in Quebec and Montreal. My podcast started on a whim, to connect with people through this new medium as it developed. As it expanded, the world of podcasting as a medium quickly enveloped me. I found myself devoting a great deal of time and energy to learning about the broadcasting medium, and now focus a majority of my work hours on podcasting, blogging, and their related mediums, both as a consultant for companies and for myself. My work has been written up in Hour magazine, La Presse, the Montreal Gazette, the CBC, among other publications.

Aug 2006 ::: In Over Your Head begins on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 102 (Fridays at 7:30 Eastern).

Jun 2006 ::: Spoke at two conferences: National Community Radio Conference in Ottawa, and Podcasters Across Borders in Kingston, Ontario. I rocked both of them, in case you’re wondering. 🙂

Apr 2006 ::: In Over Your Head is named one of the ten best art/entertainment blogs in Canada.

Jan 2006 ::: Along with M-C Turgeon, was the first blogger to be given journalist access for the outstanding circus company Cirque du Soleil.

Aug 2005 :::Zundfunk German Public Radio
Marie-Chantale Turgeon und Julien Smith sind zwei Podcaster aus der City of Pop in der Provinz Quebec. Sie spielen neuen HipHop, Elektro, Indie und Punkrock aus Kanada.

July 2005 ::: Signed on to work with Podshow, a startup founded by ‘Podfather’ Adam Curry and Ron Bloom. Along with a few other music shows, I am the face of the Podsafe Music Network, a tool which connects podcasters with musicians from all over the world.

My expertise with podcasting and other new media projects has allowed me to aid a variety of individuals, organizations, and companies to develop forward thinking solutions to traditional marketing problems. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

I can be reached at juliensmith(at)gmail(dot)com





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    Thank you for the support. Independent artist such as myself really depend on independent outlets to help our movement and I really appreciate it. Please stay in contact and I wish you and your Podcast the best.

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    great site, hon! i’m all subscribed my friend, thanks again for a great weekend!
    we have to do it again soon!