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my quote for the week is:

People still ask me what a podcast is, which kind of blows my mind. Considering it was the word of the year in the New American Oxford Dictionary, and it’s been all over the news… you really have to be living in a hole to be that oblivious to what’s going on.

likewise, let me tell you that checking websites to see if they’ve been updated is incredibly 1999. here is a good introduction to RSS by Seth Godin:

RSS is just a little peep, a signal, a ping that comes from a favorite blog or site, telling your computer that it has been updated. If you have an RSS reader (and they’re free and easy, and two of the easiest live on the web so you don’t even have to install anything), whenever a blog is updated, it shows up in your reader and you can catch up on the news. If there’s nothing new, it doesn’t show up and you don’t have to waste time surfing around.

let me empathize: going back to a website day after day is really annoying. so please simplify your life if you want to check out what i’m working on. i’ve made it really simple for you.

  1. let someone else take care of your feeds for you. you can find out what’s going on at your favourite sites just by visiting bloglines, which will let you know about them (including mine if you click here: Subscribe with Bloglines)
  2. download an RSS reader. i use a mac, and my favourite is NetNewsWire, but you can find one yourself if you want. it’ll check out what your favourite sites are doing whenever you open it. click on the icon to get to my feed, or drag it right into your RSS reader:
  3. (as an utter last resort) you can instead just type your email address into the box here, and you’ll get my posts by email. but really, try one of the options above. it’s really easy, and you’ll save yourself ridiculous amounts of time. i beg of you.






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