I recently came across a coworker with the same mobile device as me who has a surprising collection of Java apps for it. Of course I could never find any on my own – but I have now picked up the collection, which includes Tetris, XIII (mobile device version), the Q*Bert that came with the T-616, as well as the original Prince of Persia. I obviously am well liked by someone on high.

Also, my new favourite toy/tool has become Garageband. I cannot speak highly enough of it. It is by no means a perfect app, but for 50 USD I cannot complain. I’ll be linking to my iCompositions page when I put some ‘music’ on there.

Now if only I could get rid of those ridiculous arrow icons all over iTunes 4.5…





2 responses to “mobl”

  1. melissa... Avatar

    i enjoy the ‘stupid blog’.
    if you do in fact discover how to rid itunes 4.5 of the ridiculous arrows, could you perhaps inform me [avow my ambiguity on iam]?

  2. God Avatar

    Yeah, I like the fact that you kept the “stupid” title. But please tell me you changed the password I gave you.

    Oh, also blah blah blah Macintosh blah blah point-and-drool interface you faggot blah blah.
    *phew* almost forgot to mention that!

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