begin withdrawal

So my membership has expired officially as of today. For now, it’s just suspended, so it isn’t gone or anything. I just haven’t renewed it. I’ve been on that site for over 5 years now, and it’s stupidly addictive during certain periods. Essentially, the less you have to do with your life, the more time you spend on it. It’s more or less like a younger version of friendster with less dorks and more free porn.

Anyway, I’m doing this for a variety of reasons. One of them is that I still, after all this time, waste hours every now and then on that site. It’s terrible. So I’ll renew the membership… in a while. For now I’m trying to live without. I can still read all my friends’ blogs, or optionally I can choose to see them in real life or call them. The time I want to spend in front of my computer now is of a different kind.

In other news, Dave and I had preliminary talks about putting a collective blog online instead of (or perhaps in addition to) our personal ones. He suggested a theme; as of yet I have none. But yeah, we’ve succeeded at bigger projects, so we can do at least this.





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  1. Jakobpunkt Avatar

    I sympathise. Although the time that I spend online is usually wasted in other ways (BBs and so forth), I’ve gone through similar periods of not logging on to my BBs for weeks or months on end, because I was fed up with the way I wasn’t doing anything.

    My old roommate had a subscription to bmezine. I never did, because I’ve never been hugely into the bm scene, but I remember it being an excelent source of information, if ever he or I wanted to know something (that wasn’t already stored away in his head).

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