Wow, sitting at work here during a session of usage with Internet Explorer, it is starting to blow my mind just how many popups there are all over the web. I mean, I heard it was bad, but I never went through those years of use with a PC and IE; I went straight to Mozilla with Linux on the first computer that I purchased on my own (aka, was not my parents’ computer), and am now very satisfied with my ver of OS X Panther and Firefox 0.9. I knew I was missing a few popups, yes, but Jesus Christ are they overwhelming.





3 responses to “popups”

  1. God Avatar


    Wait a minute, popups, popups… I vaguely remember some mention of those.

  2. Jakobpunkt Avatar

    Wow, Dave, a comment by you and not a single snide remark about point-and-drool interfaces. Congratulations, was it hard?

    I’m very much enjoying my pop-up-freeness as well. It’s amazing how easy it is to not notice when pop-ups and banner ads just aren’t there. I {heart} moz.

  3. god Avatar

    Oh, shit!

    Um… Mac-using losers, um… art fag point-and drool…

    I have nothing.

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