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When I was about seventeen years old and had my first girlfriend, for some reason, I started getting interested in Buddhism. I’ve always read and learned a lot about religions in general, and was brought up Catholic until I was at least sixteen. Even now I just finished a class on Islam, and may minor in religion, so this trend is continuing even now.

But back to Buddhism: The first book I ever picked up on the subject was Awakening the Buddha Within, by Lama Surya Das. I read it quickly, and read it a few more times since then. It gave me my first cursory glance at the subject. I meditated pretty regularly for a while, though by now I have gotten out of the habit of it. Later on, that lead me to practice yoga, which I stopped because I seemed to be hurting my knees for some reason. Oddly, the capoeira I have been practicing for a year doesn’t hurt my knees at all; it even makes them stronger.

Having said that, I came across his website this morning again while searching for something, and he has started blogging. While this surely must mean that my parents are to start a blog soon and linking back to my sister and I (God forbid), his blogging is admittedly quite interesting, at least to me. Only a few entries so far, but getting somewhere.





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    :))) “God forbid”..

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