a strange brand of patriotism

As more and more of my reading on the blogosphere starts to come from Americans – and really, what can you do when around 75% + of bloggers (a guess) are from the US – I am starting to find that I am almost considering myself an American. At times I start thinking, “Oh, I’m going to vote for…” before realizing that I, to my surprise, cannot vote.

But who can help this sort of thought? Even Europeans must have started thinking this way, if they’re keeping up in any way with the crap all over the web. And I’ll continue reading more politics off these sites, I suppose, unless I can find something in Canadian politics that interests me as much as George Bush, say, giving protesters the finger. Well, at least Stephen Harper didn’t get in.





2 responses to “a strange brand of patriotism”

  1. Jakobpunkt Avatar

    Heh, yeah. I’ve been thinking the same thing. So instead I just keep bugging my mom to get off her ass and figure out how she can vote (because she is a citizen).

  2. God Avatar

    I’ve been watching the whole US election thing with a mixture of anxiety and impotent rage. The Bush administration has fucked their country and the world a LOT over the past four years, and I get really antsy hearing about how they’re making preparations to “delay” the election, how they want to widen the powers of the president, and so on.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I still think that the only politicians and agencies who should be allowed to create policies that affect the way I am meant to live and act are the ones who preside over the place where I live.

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