a&f and capoeira

I just watched a capoeira mini-documentary on (get this) the Abercrombie & Fitch website. Someone in my capoeira group directed me to it last night while we were all hanging out at Luba Lounge. So of course it’s utter crap.

Ok, let me revise that statement for political correctness:

  • The A&F ‘reps’ hype capoeira up to be stuff that it’s not, and miss out on why capoeira is genuinely cool.
  • The game as is played by the capoeiristas is over dramatized and acrobaticized. This could be normal considering they likely haven’t often been in front of a NYC marketing team whose salary is worth a large fraction of a million dollars (if not an entire million or more). Additionally, many capoeira groups does a lot of acrobatics when they need to impress people.
  • The doc uses capoeira to sell clothes, not to sell capoeira or (gasp!) not sell anything at all.

Whatever. Go see it I suppose. Grain of salt, you know the drill.





3 responses to “a&f and capoeira”

  1. Jakobpunkt Avatar

    You don’t blog enough. Blog more.

  2. mico Avatar

    God what a misrepresentation. It’s the typical one. Even perpetuated by mestres.

  3. colgate Avatar

    I’d love to see the mini-documentary on capoeira on the A&F site…but I didn’t find it @ (http://www.abercrombie.com)…could you send me the link? cheers

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