Hive Logic, the zine a few of us are putting out, will be launched at Expozine Montreal 2004. Should be a decent event- there’s like 80 tables booked. Come stop by if you want to see some cool stuff.


Additionally, I’m thinking about starting a small podcast soon if I can get a decent mic together. They aren’t so expensive either. Interestingly, the reason I don’t blog so much is because I’m very much an verbal communicator. I communicate much more expressively and clearly that way, and it means I’m occasionally absent on a blog like this. We’ll see how it goes. But seriously, podcasts have made the purchase of my iPod a few months ago much more worth it. If you have an mp3 player, follow the link above to find some good material.





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  1. Daniel Sendecki Avatar

    We’re recently back from Montreal and, despite the dipping mercury and a light dusting of snow, we’re warmed by the afterglow of Expozine. It was an amazing event, proving that Montreal is a fertile ground for the mini, micro, and small presses, cartoonists, and zinesters. We picked up a lot of small mags, books, and ephemera! We’ll make a note of things received and recommended on our website, when we have a chance to scan some images and leaf through the reams.

    Until then, enjoy a short video clip of the event that we’ve put up. Of course, more pictures, reviews, and scans coming shortly!

    Special thanks go to Billy Mavreas, Louis Rastelli, and the volunteers and organizers of Expozine.

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