These are an incredible set of images.

As Ella and I were discussing the other day while walking up St Laurent street, powerful change does not occur through an emotional response. It doesn’t occur quick and you can’t just sit and wish. I love protests because they’ve got soul, but it’s day to day work for a movement that will get you victory.

So maybe O’Reilly has a point, and the people who watch Jon Stewart really are stoned slackers. Sure, they’re more informed. Better educated, perhaps. But while the pictures above are awesome to behold and show a great amount of passion and need for catharsis, I’m not so sure they’ll all go back home and do something.

Some could say that I’m not an American so I can’t really place judgment on the people of the US of A. If so, ok, I accept that. Like the band Midnight Oil – one of the main reactions they heard was “Go take a look at your own country before writing anthems about ours.”

Obviously, I can’t sleep right now. Only blog when my mind can’t stay quiet.

In other news, went to look at mics today, take a look at prices and such. Can’t decide whether it’s better to work with an 1/4″ audio jack or a USB jack; don’t really know enough to make the judgment. Trial and error I suppose. But I sure as hell can’t use the pinprick ‘microphone’ on my sunflower iMac, that’s for sure.





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