podcast dec 2

After making this podcast I decided to offer the administrators of Indiefeed.com my services to take care of their hip hop feed. Hopefully the response will be good. In the meantime, I present you with the newest show.


I forgot to credit the final song, which is by codon, a crazy dude I know from a long time ago. For some reason his music isn’t downloadable off that site, that I can see. Dude, if you read this, make your music downloadable!





5 responses to “podcast dec 2”

  1. Ella Avatar

    I think you love David and Mal more than you love me

  2. codon Avatar

    Never thought I’d hear “cybertron” rapped about 🙂

  3. codon Avatar

    Jules, may be able to set up a podcast but you can’t figure out how to download my tracks? Try clicking the “listen” link 🙂

  4. Dave Avatar

    Yow, dude! Dissed by the man.

    Oh, in other news: you’re a fucking star, keeping on getting mentioned by Dawn and Drew. This is your fifteen minutes — enjoy it.

    Heh. I just had this mental image of a t-shirt: “My cock went on the Dawn and Drew show and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

  5. jason evangelho Avatar

    Holy crap Julien! I bet your subscibers are jumping through the roof now….

    Thanks for taking up the Hip Hop/Rap channel on Indiefeed…Chris and I are lacking in that department….

    If you need any help with it, feel free to contact either of us ok?


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