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So with CNN having short articles on podcasting available on their website, I think we are now reaching critical mass.

For a little news about goings on: I now co-manage’s hip hop section (subscribe), which means I don’t have to force that music down the throats of my listeners any further. I had been struggling with this anyway, so it’s a bit of a relief, to tell you the truth. Indiefeed should be getting covered in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor later this week, so they should get a sick amount of hits from that. There’s still more people listening to my show than I anticipated at this phase so, although I would like a couple of hits based on my work with them, I’m not feeling greedy.





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  1. ro Avatar


    i enjoy your podcasts. i listened to the last 2 of them. although you mumble and bumble in your own darkness, you are indeed loved.

    truly great wishes depart from my own heart and travel to yours

  2. Ella Avatar

    baby, Dec 6th is the (inter?)national day for the prevention of violence against women, we’ve been holding vigils and take back the night marches across the country for the past 15 years. I should bloody well hope it got daypopped!



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