podcast 17 dec

Um, let’s see. I made this show about 24 hours ago so I only remember part of it. Sort of a hypnotic quasi-religious ritual trance or something.

At Hand

Additionally, I found the original ‘Believer’ file in case you want to hook it up.

Here’s the file. Around 35 minutes, 17 megs? Is that possible?








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  1. Alan Garcia Avatar

    Just wanted to toss you a message. I enjoyed your last show. Lots of good stuff. Related to alot of what you had to say and enjoyed the loose language and topics. I too am a late nighter and addicted to Caffine as well. Good stuff keep it up and I’ll be subscribing. If you get a moment send me a message I have a few questions on your setup. We do a few shows here at the WiffleHouse and we’re always looking to improve our quality. Thanks.

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