podcast 21 dec

The last show before Xmas. No show notes (or attempts thereof) right now since I’m working. Enjoy Xmas, I’ll hit you guys up again before New Year’s at least once.

mp3. 45 minutes? It was long, but it was good. I’ll leave you to be surprised (in good and bad ways?) with what we did rather than chat about it here. See you guys soon.






4 responses to “podcast 21 dec”

  1. Neil Gorman Avatar


    I recently go into grabbing podcasts and I think that yours is one of the best that I have heard thus far, and I plan to keep grabbing it as often as you make it.

    I really dug the music that you played, I liked the stuff that you were talking about, and the way in which you spoke when talking about it (does that make sense?)


    Great show.

  2. Eric Jean Avatar

    Kurt – you rule! Start your own podcast. I think you should have guests on the show from time to time – it would be interesting.


  3. Phil Avatar

    Hahaha damn neo-nazis. Yay for the guest co-host. I wanna do a podcast with Franck now. Humanifesto brings you… something radio.

  4. Jason Evangelho Avatar

    I’ve given this much thought, and I think Kurt should just throw a coup and REPLACE Julien altogether…I’m really getting sick of Julien’s blah blah blah about everything…

    HAHA. Just kidding man! I love the show even more. The guest host was a fantastic idea. A lot of variety and storytelling in the last show. It rocked.

    Keep this shit moving forward.

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