podcast 28 dec

This system is nowhere near automated enough. As the bastard mongoloid child of podcasting, I want a system which somehow not only pings audio.weblogs.com, but also somehow records my thoughts and comes out with show notes based on what I blah blah’ed.

Oh wait… that’s called an assistant.

So here’s the mp3 file. I’m trying to cut down on size today so hopefully you aren’t jonesing too much. I talked a bit about eMayhem and played a song by Smashup Derby (you can download it on their site).

mp3. 20 minutes or so, 10 megs.






4 responses to “podcast 28 dec”

  1. bob Avatar

    I like fruitcake too, but tell anyone and you’re dead.

  2. A.J. Avatar

    Dude Man!!

    My grandmother is fine man!! Thanks for the concern!!Still hoping for the New Years hook up!!!

    Loved the last show…hoping we can do a show together man!!

    I’ll call you soon so I can the details for New Years!!!


  3. Phil Avatar

    No naked pics for me eh?! Ha I was in the middle of the supermarket listening to the show when I heard that line. I burst out laughing and everyone looked at me funny. Hahah.

    In other news, I have a FULL, WORKING FRIDGE in my kitchen. This is fa-bu-lous.

    And congrats to Liz!

    I think the Humanifesto podcasting will start soon.

  4. Phil Avatar

    Oh yeah, and I love fruitcake. Though I’m not sure if it’s vegan… it’s been a while since I had any, but I bet you could make a vegan one.

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