podcast 30 dec

Did a quick show this afternoon. Daytime shows are pretty different from night time ones.

Quicklinks: The Smear Campaign and the Vu d’ici podcast.

Click here for the mp3

You may also have noted the vote box on the right. I believe the code was originally written for Reel Reviews, a podcast to which I subscribe. It was so ingenious that I don’t think I could go without.






One response to “podcast 30 dec”

  1. Neil Gorman Avatar

    Hey Julian,

    I was just checking out this post
    by the guy who does the reel reviews podcast.

    I liked the way that he explained how he does his podcast, and I was wondering if you have ever thought about doing the same thing your self?

    I kind of remember when you did the podcast with Kurt as a guest that you said something that lead me to belive that you were just using Grageband and iTunes (which is very different from the set up that the Reel Reviews guy talks about.)

    Hope asking you for this is not pestering you to much.

    Take care.


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