podcast 2 jan

A little late with this entry but, yes, the new show is up. We talk about traveling a bit and play some music many of you probably have never heard before in your entire life.

Click here to get the mp3.

I think we have clearly settled on a shorter show at this point, which suits me just fine and will allow people to here me more often a week. Shorter shows mean a better energy level, of course, as well as many other factors. I get laid more often, for example. Just checking. Glad you’re paying attention. Let me know what you think when you hear it.





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  1. Neil Gorman Avatar

    Just wanted to say thanks for talking about how you do your podcast in this show!

    I created my first podcast (which I’m not very happy with, but I figure that I have to just get something out there regardless of how good or bad I think it is… IE: starting something is the most difficlut thing to do, and I wanted to get it behind me… but I digress.)

    I put the podcast up on on this PHP Nuke site that I made http://neilgorman.org. If you get a change to check it out I’d really apprichiate any feed back that you could get. (However, if your to busy thats cool.)

    If you do chck it out you will have to go to the site and download the mp3, becaust I can’t for the life of me figure out how the fuck to get an RSS feed set up for this thing.

    Thanks again for answering the question.


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