podcast 5 jan

Ok, so we have a new show up and discovered the inane nonsense behind the last show’s technical difficulties.

Click here to get the mp3






4 responses to “podcast 5 jan”

  1. J.Brandon Avatar

    Yo, greetings from the NC. Winston-Salem, NC that is. Found your podcast from the url you left on the indiefeed podcast that you do/were doing/also do. Totally agree with that observation about abducted podcasters. At first I thought there was something wrong with my iPodderX software so I’m glad to hear someone else is having problems. Don’t get taken with the rest of them dude! Fight off the alien menace!

  2. Phil Avatar

    It would most likely help to link to the actual podcast, rather than your domain homepage.

    silly boy.

  3. julien Avatar

    Wow! Phil, thank you so much for telling me. It’s been like 48 hours, no wonder.

  4. Phil Avatar

    So I listened to the show. Two comments. First, the version of One Bedroom Apartment you played is not the album version. It sounds like a rough demo, and when I play you the album version, you’ll probably shit your pants.

    Second, kudos on the book quote, but you should probably say you’re quoting before reading out of it. It took me a while to figure out why you were talking funny, and I onl;y got it cuz of the conversation we had at Aux Vivres the other day.

    Also worth noting: you are the last folder in my Podcast directory, because the only other ones are Audio Activism and Erik Marcus at the moment. The funny thing is, after your last podcast, the alphabetical order leads to me hearing The Postal Service after your show, which amuses me because you introduced me to their music.


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