do not eat iPod shuffle

I know everyone else has blogged about this, but I thought it was awesome. Go to this page for context.





5 responses to “do not eat iPod shuffle”

  1. bob Avatar

    There goes corporate America again, telling us what not to do with the stuff we buy.

    It sure seems to be made for podcasts, doesn’t it?

  2. god Avatar

    Holy shit. I can’t believe nobody thought of something like this before. Ooh, and a computer under 500$? How does Apple do it?

  3. julien Avatar

    dave, i’m going to punch you when i see you.

  4. jean Avatar

    Dude – the thing – fucking brillinat! And, as one of the 400 people who knows where you live and what you look like, I WILL kick your ass if you do not do this. Or worse – I will take your iPod away from you UNTIL you do this…

  5. god Avatar

    I dunno what’s up with that mp3 file (the openpodcast one) but I can’t read it. Probably just a stupid Windows glitch, I suppose — I should try listening at home. Any chance of reencoding and uploading it?

    And annoys me: all their mp3s are on a server that uses a non-standard port… Stupid corporate firewall. Grumble grumble grumble.

    Okay, I’m done now :o)

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