podcast 14 jan

Yo, just put up the new thing on Libsyn.org – downloading fine, so go grab it dudes. If you liked the music I played, you can find it here:

Other Passengers

Check out the free downloads on each, they’re worth it.

Click here for the mp3





3 responses to “podcast 14 jan”

  1. god Avatar

    Dude, you’re not using the nifty script I wrote you? Weak!

  2. Dave Mansueto Avatar

    Hey….. I was thinking we podpeople should come up with some sorta secret podcaster thing….. Like a sign, or a button.. or a patch er somethin…so we can identify each other on the street…. Then we could have a secret handshake…Lovely soliloquy sentiments on this show…. eSpecially the little jokes!! Is this perhaps the In yer head or In over your head origin?

  3. C.C. Avatar

    Yet another fun filled show that had me laughing as usual. Of course I also had to surf out and get me a comment line so I’d have the appropriate street cred. *laugh*

    Keep on rocking!

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