podcast 21 jan

Today I end up responding to some voicemail queries, play some Saw and Clann Zu again, and just a bunch of other stuff. Talk a bit about The Tragically Nameless Podcast and Comicology.

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  1. Josh Baltzell Avatar

    I am a new listener and I was listening to the portion of your show where you were talking about ways to get money back to podcasters.

    First off my opinions come from someone who has only been listening to podcasts daily for a few weeks now. That said I think that puts me in a position to realistically decide what I would be willing to pay for.

    Even though I enjoy a lot of podcasts I have heard I have to say that I would not pay much for these podcasts. The audio quality on yours and about a third of the other ones I have heard is great, but there are so many low quality ones that sound more like a cell phone call than a radio broadcast. Even if I listen a couple of times to see if the content is good I would not be willing to pay them.

    The only models I think might work are the straight donation style like NPR does (Although my local channel does play brief ads for local business on a regular basis now) or a single fee subscription like satellite radio. To me those are the only real ways people would pay.

    I may post some better laid out ideas on my blog soon, but I just thought I would post this quick note. I like the show and I am moving it up from the huge collection of shows I am trying out to my regular listens. Keep up the good work.

  2. god Avatar

    Yeah, what Josh said. I _do_ listen to podcasts all the time, but it’s not worth much money to me. If I had to pay more than a pittance (see: micropayments) I would probably just not listen; it’s not that big a deal to me. You mentioned paying 12 or 15 bucks a month? Fuck that. No way. Some people don’t pay that much for internet access. Lots of listeners just don’t have the money. Think back six or seven years, to when you were spending all your time flat broke in a cafe, sharing two coffees among eight people, bumming cigarettes off each other. How thrilled would you have been to be able to listen to some podcasting? And how impossible would it have been for you to pay for it? Think of that as your target audience.

    Seriously, switching to a pay-per-play model will chase away lots of listeners, and discourage new ones. Take a look at the more popular webcomics, and you’ll see a model where the creator makes a good product, gives it away for free and still makes money from it. Some do it full time. So give away your shit for free. Most people will take it and give nothing back. Some people will give you a little bit, or buy a t-shirt. Some people will decide they like you so much they’ll just flat out give you 10 or 15 bucks. The trick is to create a quality product, which many podcasts are not, and then you can make money from it.

  3. Phil Avatar

    You are lazy. A simple google search told me that 206 is Seattle, WA. You do this show in front of a computer. Really, Julien.

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