podcast 27 jan

My newest show, the first after my hard drive exploded and took several hundred mp3 (that remained stuck on my iPod for frikking ever).

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3 responses to “podcast 27 jan”

  1. Phil Avatar

    All hail the Northern Prince Of Podcasting, or N-POP for short. All hail N-Pop. I mean seriously, if people from the holyland are calling him that, who am I to doubt it?

    You were getting risky with that Nas clip by the way, you even played it for longer than 60 seconds. Are you trying to get sued?

  2. god Avatar

    And what’s up with you posting about a show like, two days after you actually release it?

  3. mike Avatar

    I know I’ve been here before, did I ask you if you wanted worry free music? anyway, i just released a new album & wanted to know if you wanted some
    free tunes for your podcast.

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