podcast 2 feb

My new podcast is out. It had been forever since I had made one, but you can pick it up here. I swear I’ll start producing some links soon, but I’m mad busy right now.

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2 responses to “podcast 2 feb”

  1. Phil Avatar

    Dude, the house idea is a fucking great one. You’re completely stupid if you don’t follow through on it. Your parents are paying rent to some guy, for no reason. They could be paying it to you, helping you pay off a HOUSE that you can either live in later, or sell and get a bunch of cash. This is a good plan. The N-POP should realise this.

  2. Neil Avatar

    Hey man thanks for playing the auido comment I left you on the show, and pluging the comicology podcast.

    Funny thing happened with comicology recently. After I did the show where I review the Brian Wood comic DEMO I sent Brian a email saying something along the lines of “I’m no one important but I do this comic book podcast, I review DEMO ifyou want to check it out here is the link.”

    Then about an hour later Larry Young (the guy who rusn AiT publishing, the company that publised DEMO among other great comics, sends me an email. In the mail he says that he loves the show, thanks me, tells me he put a linkup to it on the main AiT site, and offers to do an interview with me. I say “kick ass” and send him some questions.

    It was a good day for me.

    Again, thanks a million for the plug.


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