43 things

I just joined the site 43things.com, which invites users to list goals they have (lifelong or just temporary) and try to help you out by allowing you to post when you have made significant victories, etc. Go check it out, either my goals or list your own.





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  1. Neil Gorman Avatar

    Hey man, I checked out this site and think it is very cool.. I plan on setting up a list there at some point after I think about the things that I really want to get done.

    I wanted to ask you about libsyn. I’m thinking of switching over to them but, but before I do I wanted to know a few things. Maybe you can help me out?


    1. they create the rss feed for you? (this would be cool because as you know I have had rss issues at least 2 times thus far because I suck at coding it my self.)

    2. Do they set up your web site as well? Reason i ask is because I kind of dig the set up that my web site has now, and I might want to keep the site hosted by 1and1 (who is hosting all my shit right now) and have libsysn host the mp3’s… but I’m not so sure that is a good idea.

    If your to busy to answer thats cool.

    Talk to ya.


  2. C.C. Avatar

    Now that is a cool list. Hiking the AT has been on my to do list as long as I can remember!

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