podcast 10 feb

Ok, so we’re back at you with a regular non depressing episode of this amazing podcast you have come to call home. I talk a bit about personal stuff and hook it up with Laurie at Chiwawa and Other Passengers. A giveaway of some of their stuff will occur in the coming few days as soon as I organize how the hell to give stuff away with a contest that isn’t lame.

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Also, me and Ross Rader are going to be chatting on the ph soon about super boring stuff. So unsubscribe before you’re subjected to it.





2 responses to “podcast 10 feb”

  1. Neil Gorman Avatar

    Hey dude,

    IMHO it does not matter if you are talking about hip-hop, tech, or personal stuff your show is always kick ass. I’m looking forword to hearing what you will be doing in the future.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know what I have been up to wit the that bastard ninja podcast, and comicology.

    TBN: has now moved to a new site the url is http://thatbastardninja.com and the feed is http://thatbastardninja.libsyn.com/rss

    I’m going to do everything I can think of to let people know about the move this weekend, and will also have a new podcast up there soon.

    Comicology: is going really great, I want to say thanks again for pimping on your show. I’ve been doing lots of info about indy sort of human drama comics as of late, and that has been really fun. I plan to try to bring some more main-stream stuff into the show on the next one (I think I’ll be talking about some of Grant Morrison’s new work.)

    I’m still thinking about heading out to Montreal in about mid June (did I tell you that all ready?) So if you think you will be around at that time, and would not mind hanging out, let me know.


  2. Phil Avatar

    Hey dude, the original version of that song was by Jefferson Airplane, and was originally sung by a woman. This cover sounded almost identical to the original actually.

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