First hate ‘mail’

Nice, the price of ‘fame’ (or whatever) eventually hits and I get personal attacks from a random stranger on Podcast Alley. I try to be nice and personable and shit, I always answer people’s questions… I love people. It’s really terrible, but I was sort of waiting for someone to post something like that eventually. Sucks it had to be an attack on my person rather than the quality of my show. I suppose I should be greateful no one poked fun at my relationship troubles too.

So I guess this should act as a warning to whomever is doing this. Getting personal and friendly with people is great in this strange and new medium, but it’s also challenging I guess. People get this vision of who you are, and if you expand from those boundaries they may feel betrayed, I suppose.

Anyway, if any of you have anything whatsoever to say about either the show or myself, positive or negative (but especially negative), please do me the courtesy of putting a name and email address behind it. Bye.





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  1. Jason Evangelho Avatar

    Remember the comment from “Manda” I got on Podcastalley? Well, Bob G had my back, and I have yours my friend: this is my reply on P.A.

    “Hey Some1:
    First and foremost, if you want to slam Julien, have the guts to leave a real name or email address instead of shying away like a 3rd grade boy who just wet the bed at a sleepover.

    Second: Regardless of what he said would never do, things change. Julien has creative license to do what he wants with the show…and what he’s doing is working for myself and many others.

    Third: You’re an idiot.”

  2. Bob Avatar

    Third sums it up nice for me

  3. Ella Avatar

    yeah, really, don’t let the bastard get you down. S/he’ll be the first one up agianst the wall when the revolution comes, you mark my words.

  4. Eric Avatar

    You know you’re big when you get HATE mail; that’s the true sign, my brother!

    (Who is this cretin, anyways? Why doesn’t he just CHANGE THE CHANNEL if he doesn’t like the show?)

    Makes me happy I am sitting down there at 6 votes – I get to avoid all this garbage!

    Oh! And the Jason’s comment I would like to add:

    Fourth: What’s YOUR URL? Your RSS feed? I would like to subscribe to YOUR show so I can see what FANTASTIC alternative YOU are offering to Julien’s show…


  5. Barry Dobyns Avatar


    You rock dude. Your show is one of the very few that i always try to listen to. So don’t let the one asshole get you down. Rise above it, and know that you are doing good work that the people respect and like.

    Barry A Dobyns,

  6. C.C. Avatar

    Don’t let the ass munches get you down dude!!! Fuck em all.

  7. jackofspades Avatar

    I really do not get the idea of hate mail sometimes. It helps no one in the end. Julien has the right to place what he would like on his podcast and he has listeners who enjoy it. If you dont have some type of real construective critism and you hate the show, just unsubscribe from the feed. No one is holding a gun to your head and saying “Listen to IOYH or ill blow your damn brains out.”
    People are just stupid sometimes

  8. julien Avatar

    hmmm, putting guns to people’s heads, i’ll have to try that.

  9. KaRi Avatar

    When people write hate mail, they are either jealous, envious, OR frustrated with and/or down on themselves.
    So they want to bring people down to their level.

    I REALLY like one of the Comments on here that suggests the hater recommend something better. That is fantastic feedback and it should be posted!

    PS There is a site in CaLi that contains a Message Board full of putdowns, mostly bogus, many hurtful truths, embarrassing recollections of ea other… But a stranger would not know that, they also wouldn’t know that the whole board, which looks VERY popular consists of insults from only about 5 guys. Some people “get off” hurting others. I think (especially) men who haven’t matured in a healthy manner use insults as a “bonding” tool… Kind of like moshing or slam dancing (I assume).

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