podcast 3 mar

As promised, we finally have a show. My G5 iMac mic blows. It’s out of control. However, this one isn’t too distorted if I raise the volume… just kind of scratchy.

Click here to listen

The shows I plugged? Glad you asked: Nothing to Declare, a cool short show which can easily be subscribed to without a huge commitment of time, as well as Digital Detroit Radio, which plays much better music than me.






3 responses to “podcast 3 mar”

  1. Rob Avatar

    Hey, i’d class myself as a third generation podcaster 😉 as i’ve only known about this for like 5 days, but i just wanna say hi, and i really enjoyed your show, jason from insomnia said i should ask you if youve had any contact with Constellation records, cos i’d love to get actual legal permission from those guys for podcasts. and another million artists i can think of right now. The hip hop track was ace too man, anyway, keep it up

    [My Silver Mount Zion]

  2. Monolithic Fishmonger X Avatar

    Aight, 100-Watt Warlock! Good to hear another show from you; I was missing it :o)


  3. James Slusher Avatar

    Love the show, bro. Rock on.

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