aquarium lovin

I’m starting to seriously want to set up an aquarium. My girlfriend and some of my friends have some nice ones, and it only costs a couple of hundred bucks. Anyone know anything?





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  1. A.J.3 Avatar

    We must get together sooo soooonnn Julien my friend!!!!

    Hope all is well man!!

    Pic a wednesday…. A.J.


  2. Sam Avatar

    Yeah, we have 3 tanks…one saltwater, one freshwater, and one brackish for African cichlids. Freshwater is cheapest and requires the least work. Saltwater takes more effort and $$$ to get set up initially, but the payback is in the incredible beauty of the fish and invertebrates, and once it’s established it isn’t any more work than a freshwater tank. Cichlids are hella easy to keep, and quite beautiful.

  3. James Avatar

    I used to keep a freshwater aquarium with Red Cap Orandas. It was cool, but unfortunately my mortality rate was fairly high. I didn’t realize at first how to keep the aquarium clean looking without making it too clean for the fish to thrive. Once I got the hang of that, it was fun and beautiful.

  4. Sam Avatar

    Click on my name above for a pic of our saltwater aquarium as it looks currently. We are rebuilding slowly…the tank was wiped out when we were without power for nearly a week during and after the hurricanes last summer (lack of filtration = bad). The water chemistry is finally back to normal, and the tank is flourishing (as evidenced by the abundant algae growth on the pieces of live rock). The marine betta (spotted fish top center) and butterfly (lower left) are the only two survivors of the hurricanes. Yesterday, we added a foxface (lower right) and a coral beauty angelfish (hiding somewhere). If they thrive, we will add a purple tang next weekend.

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