New Server

Hi everyone. This is the site administrator for WTF is up with the appearance of this page, you ask? Well, we’ve just moved to a new sever and a new blogging program, and some work needs to be done to import the old templates into the new system. Sorry for the inconvenience.

– your friendly neighbourhood Admin





8 responses to “New Server”

  1. Jason Evangelho Avatar


    But I dig the nice clean look of the site now….

  2. bob Avatar

    it’s almost.. too clean..

  3. Dave Avatar

    Yeah, this is the default layout for WordPress sites. So far I’m really enjoying WordPress. Better than Movabletype, I think.

  4. Krystal Hanson Avatar

    Please stop using my trademark name for your blog. It is my registered tradmark name. Why would you do do this?

    Krystal Hanson

  5. Krystal Hanson Avatar

    Stop using my tradmark name. I will contact google and tell them you are using my trademark and and to pull you off google search engine using puppy stairs.

    Krystal Hanson

  6. Dave Avatar

    Ha ha ha. I wonder if “Krystal Hanson” is for real. Idiot.

  7. Julien Avatar

    Wow, just saw that. Weird.

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