updates etc.

So as you have probably noticed, we’ve moved over to WordPress here at the pimpninja conglomerate. My sysadmin tells me that it’s open source, so we can actually update it, unlike MT which you now pay for if you go past version 2.6 or whatever. For the record, the usability factor of WordPress if far superior already (day 2).

I now have to redesign this thing, though it looks quite nice on its own with this default template. For anyone in Montreal that wants to get in on this podcast get-together of sorts, visit here and sign some comments, k?





3 responses to “updates etc.”

  1. C.C. Avatar

    Yeah MT charges if you have more then one author. WordPress is cool though too. I like the new look.

  2. Vero Avatar

    Enjoy WordPress! I haven’t moved my main blog over to WP 1.5 yet (still at 1.2) but with my sandbox blog on 1.5, it’s great.

    And as you said, WP is free and totally customizable to your wildest dreams!

  3. Carl Avatar

    I hope you like WordPress. It is known to not survive Digg, but it’s a darn fine blogging platform if you ask me!

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