almost set

Just got the new mic and getting a pre-amp tonight – I have to help my parents move tonight but then I’ll be good to go. So check back for a new podcast soon, the last one is super low quality because I was improvising with substandard equipment. See you soon!





5 responses to “almost set”

  1. mark Avatar

    so what did you get for a mic and pre-amp? i have been looking to buy an inexpensive setup to record with my ibook. any suggestions would be appreciated! cheers.

  2. Harold J. Johnson Avatar

    What kind of mic did you go with, Mark?

  3. Harold J. Johnson Avatar

    Wait, I’m confused–who’s website is this? 🙂

    Okay, I think I got it straight now–Mark is the one commenting. Hello, Mark. Now, uh…Chris? Julien? Who’s In Over Your Head?

    Well, whoever it is, I was just wondering the same thing Mark is. (See Mark’s comment above.)

  4. julien Avatar

    Ha! This is Julien’s website. I’ll let you guys know on my show (super very soon now that I don’t sound like an asshole) what my setup is right now. Stay tuned or whatever.

  5. C.C. Avatar

    VERY glad to hear you’ve got a new mic. I haven’t been able to listen to the last couple of shows and I miss my Julien!!!

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