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The owner of two radio stations in Wyoming said it has sold the stations and is concentrating on Podcasting. Christus Broadcasting had owned KJJL and KKWY for 11 years. The company sold to LaFamilia Broadcasting and said it formed the American Podcasting Network. Programs on the American Podcasting Network will be free, supported by advertising. it hopes to have 50 shows available within a few months.

As you can see by any of the links, these websites are frikkin top-notch. This company is by no means jumping into a proverbial deep lake filled with proverbial tentacled monsters beyond its proverbial understanding.





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  1. Neil Gorman Avatar

    Just a heads up man…

    The link to the American Podcasting Network seems to be broken.


  2. julien Avatar

    oops, one too many W’s. thx.

  3. m-c Avatar

    hey dude –
    you changed your rss link or what? i thought you did not post anything for weeks, and when i arrive here there is plenty of new stuff…

    anyway, nice new design.. i am checking for our podcaster may gathering – may 11th actually, and your first yulblog experience pretty soon… 😛

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