podcast 14 apr

a new show, up quickly before i start my day.

click here to listen

expect another recording from me, probably tomorrow or something, since i can record on my ipod now.






2 responses to “podcast 14 apr”

  1. Neil Gorman Avatar


    I got linux to install no problem. How the fuck do you record? When ever I try to is says “press action key to start” and a timer shows up but it stass all zeros (00:00:00).

    IE: I don’t think it is receording.

    If you get a chance explain to me how your set up works.

    (and by the way the last few shows have been really good! I’m really happy to hear your show often again.)


  2. Big Mike Avatar

    I sold RZA an electric sitar!! He came in with Jim Jarmusch, no less. It was fucking excellent in way too many ways. RZA wanted to know what it was about, and after about 15 minutes, he bought it. Fucking excellent.

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