podcast 23 apr

so this show from the 23rd that i just put up…

click here to listen

we played humanifesto, playme, and cypher dissident, and all the tracks are available on the respective sites. hope you enjoyed.






3 responses to “podcast 23 apr”

  1. Phil Avatar

    Dude! Thanks for the play man, I totally appreciate it. But for the record, there are 5 songs longer than Death By Exposure on the album. 😛 But again, thanks.

  2. AJ Avatar

    Julien my friend!!!

    Hope all is well.Call me, I want us too team up for a show at your studio…if you like!?


  3. Deniz Avatar

    Julien! Sorry I’m so behind on your podcast, I just got around to listening to this today…

    I fuckin’ LOVED the track by Humanifesto, do you seriously want to hook me up with a CD? I’ll play it on my show for sure…

    If you want, send that shit to:

    Deniz McAwesome Rudin
    915 Logan St.
    Wayne, NE 68787

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