obesity + spanglish

I watched this movie yesterday, Spanglish, which was tremendously funny and clever in ways that I would never have liked to admit to myself that an Adam Sandler movie would be. It reminded me a bit of European movies (Spanish and Italian, actually) in its humour. I was secretly appalled that I liked it so much. But check it.

Jason Kottke, who I only recently started reading basically because he went full time, had this great post that got me thinking about this movie- basically (and this doesn’t spoil anything), one of the characters is a pseudo fat kid (not even that fat, really) and there’s some discussion in the movie about it. It’s like the movie recognized, the movie was conscious of, America’s eating problem. It was very interesting. So check it out, and observe that part of it. I suspect there will be more parts like this in movies to come.





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  1. Matt Avatar

    Hey Julien–
    My wife turned to me about half an hour into this movie and proclaimed, “this is the best movie I’ve ever seen!” We really, really liked it. I liked how understated Adam Sandler’s performance was and also how over-the-top Tea Leoni’s was. Great movie and the obesity thing was really well done.

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