podcast 5 may

wow, this one i made fast. it may have taken me less than an hour to get all that garbage on tape; sometimes you’re just on the ball, you know?

Some links (which you can also get at musicpodcasting.org): Star Fighter Pilot; CMA; Sage Francis.

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10 responses to “podcast 5 may”

  1. Phil Avatar

    one would assume that you might post this podcast…

  2. C.C. Avatar

    God damn dude this was a classic. The Sage Francis track was amazing. So many political references that I wanted to bitchslap someone after hearing it! *grin* And dude, I love it when you ramble. Who cares about the tracks?!? Hope the party kicks ass tonight!

  3. bj Avatar

    Thanks for bringing on music I wouldn’t otherwise learn about. I would probably love your show a whole lot more if you didn’t say fuck all the time. Not everything deserves to be promoted to ‘fuckin’ this or that. but what the fuck do i know?

  4. julien Avatar

    wow, really?? i’ve never received a comment like that- it makes me kind of self-conscious!

  5. Dave Avatar

    Fuck count for the show of Cinco de Mayo

    Total julien airtime (discounting music playtime): 18:51
    Total number of “fuck”s (including “motherfucker” and :fuckin”): 45

  6. Dave Avatar

    Oh, and it’s more like 15 minutes if you subtract the clip from Bob and AJ. That’s 3 fucks a minute.

  7. AJ Avatar

    love the Sage Francis track!!!Great show!!You never viewed a Star Wars episode..This explains alot!!!Chill Dude..just a …
    When is our next meet up Bud??


  8. […] coming once I set that up. In the meantime, feel free to check out my most recent podcast here.
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  9. Deniz Avatar

    Shit dude, I wasn’t impressed at all with “Personal Journals”, but I’m lovin’ the Sage track you played. I’ma hafta get that album

  10. […] Okay, fuckin PSA for all you motherfuckers out there: Today is Julien motherfuckin’ Smith’s birthday. Go over to his fuckin site, download his goddamn podcast and leave the motherfucker some fuckin feedback to fucking tell him he’s the shit. note: I’m trying to out-cuss Julien, but I don’t think I quite got there yet. No comments ¤ Write your comment Write your comment: […]

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