at a critical time when firefox has begun to piss me off, i must admit i am starting to find the new safari very useful. take a look at just one of the functions i’m finding every little while through the RSS feeds i’m subscribed to. if you have a mac with saf 1.3 (aka 2.0; hint: they’re the damn same), check it out. all that, plus my main problem with firefox – netnewswire opens into the current tab, while safari automatically opens a new one. oh sweet jesus yes.





2 responses to “safari”

  1. Dave Avatar

    You know that behaviour is configurable in Firefox, right? All my external programs open stuff up in new tabs. And I’m pretty sure I saw the “submit forms to new tabs” thing somewhere too.

    Oh, but I forgot about the “I shouldn’t have to configure my applications” mentality of Mac users. Sorry.

  2. adam simms Avatar

    safari 2.0 is starting to piss me off… i have no idea why… but its constantly crashing… on 2 different fresh installs of tiger… anways… tiger is nice tho… not as wow as apple said tho

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