podcast 13 may

This is a show I’ve been waiting to finish for a few days now, and now it’s finally done and uploaded.

Libsyn sent me a tshirt. We love them for this.

Click here to listen






7 responses to “podcast 13 may”

  1. Muad Dib Avatar
    Muad Dib

    I want a damn libsyn t-shirt.

  2. Dave Avatar

    14 fucks in 10:40. But 5 were when you were talking about saying fuck, so they don’t count :oP

  3. Dave Avatar

    PS: your smiley parsing sucks.

  4. Deniz Avatar

    Oh man, I got a free LibSyn shirt too!

  5. Matt Avatar

    Santa didn’t bring me a LibSyn shirt. Damn.

  6. neil gorman Avatar
    neil gorman

    Man I am not feeling anyh libsyn love over here in comic book nerd land. They think just cause a dude reads comics he can’t start some shit!


  7. John Avatar

    I was looking for a link to Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
    What??? No links here? Strange…

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