podcast 25 may

omg, you’re going to harass me if i don’t have show notes, right? ok, here’s links to all the music i played. eyedea & abilities is on rhymesayers now though.

oh, and a link to deniz’s podcast, media artist, and how to do stuff. do yourself a favour and check all of those out.

click here to listen






6 responses to “podcast 25 may”

  1. Phil Avatar

    So, I haven’t even heard the show yet, but once again, thanks for the airplay. You rock my socks.

  2. C.C. Avatar

    I knew that if there was one person out there who was going to dig MediaArtist.com as much as I do it was going to be you. Psyched to hear you all wired about it and I know that Frank will be too.

    rock on mutha fucker!

  3. Phil Avatar

    As an addition to my previous comment. While it’s awesome that you’re playing us, it would have been nice to play the song from the beginning. Our songs are short enough as it is 😛

  4. groundctrl Avatar

    wow, you’re right! how bizarre. let me put a direct link to it up there.

  5. The Darkradish Avatar

    Julien, you sent a call out for podcasters who listen to your show to tell you about it. Well, here you go.

  6. Franklin McMahon Avatar

    Julien..thanks SO MUCH for the props for Media Artist Secrets! Great show..lots of fun and good info..I will be tuning in to future stuff! Keep it rockin’ 🙂


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