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m-c and i have been asked to do a 90 minute show for German public radio – a station which, if i understand correctly, is the equivalent of the CBC – in which we showcase new Canadian and world music.

no, this doesn’t mean i’m suddenly hella loaded. ha.

we met for the project today and decided we’d do a street thing, so we’re going to record live on Mt-Royal, probably on Friday, sitting outside at a café. if you would like to have a good Canadian band/artist promoted, drop me a line/link in the comments and we’ll try to make it happen.






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  1. Thomas Avatar

    Maybe you can tell me the stations name, then i can tell you more about!

  2. Thomas Avatar

    Indeed its public radio. Zuendfunk is made by Bavarian Public Radio and is for young people. They play a lot of music there. Zuendfunk is famous for the Zuendfunk Open Air Festival.

  3. zonker Avatar

    Youre gonna talk world music?
    Ok, NOW I will listen cuz Im curious to see if you can even name 3 montreal world music acts.

    Seriously, this is a great topic as Montreal has any amazing world music scene. Lets not forget that Syncop which are an algerian-quebeocis group which do a reggae-rai mic won the best know indie music contest Les Francofolies (the previous finalists are all mainstays of the indie music scene) and most of their songs were in arab and probably .2% of the audience understood the words.

    But seriously, doing a world music thing on the Plateau and doing it a Starbucks is just too funny. I presume that Tomas Jensen or Oztara will not be guests 😉
    C’mon, if youre going to be on Mt.Royal then you have to stop at THE indie music store in Mtl, Les Angles Vagabonds, who are revered by music lovers and bands. THEY ARE YOUR BEST source of info on the music scene in Mtl. You should do the show from there or from one of a thousand cafe in Mt Royal or St.Denis but NOT a Starbucks.
    That’s like having a restaurant show do a remote from Burger King or an american article on montreal music and not even mentioning the french scene.

    Seriously, the show should have been done in a bar that supports world music:
    Le Va et Vient, Le Divan Orange, les Bobards, Escogriffe, Balatou, Kola Note and others like that.

    Here is a very quick primer by order of importance:
    The montreal world reference, listen to their complete latest 2ble cd online, completely since listening to just a few songs will probably give you the wrong idea. sing in french, english, spanish, wolof, arab, etc.. this is their second straight summer in euro and theyre gonna play Montreuz Jazz again, Esperanzah and others in a dozen countries. Their song about Senegal (forgot name) is on Manu Chao’s complilation.
    Karim is a very nice man and its a hoot to see him bring in these fiddle players from Lac St.jean to play rai music. Even if you dont understand the lyrics, your feet will still move.
    Amazing band, nice look, cleaned up for video sales.
    awesome band and talented franco-argentinian chansonnier.
    Musician supreme.
    little white girl who plays the kora a traditional male instrument from Senegal
    senegalese born brothers who were first known for their collaboration with now mythic Les Colocs.
    happy accoustic world pop.
    french reggae but awesome musicians whove backed up ex-Wailers
    from a pretty hardcore background, these musicians get together for spanish rock
    The second generation of newcomers.

    Any mention of mtl world music has to include the top portion of the list.

    good luck, Ill be listening since I have a job on Monday!


  4. zonker Avatar

    I just heard the test mp3: excellent quality sound.
    Can you give us a little info on the hardware/software/mic combination you use, it is AWESOME sounding!!

    You guys wimped on the excuse why you are a Starbucks. Because another place was too noisy?
    Still think that’s got to be the worst place to have a Montreal show but yuppification is an evil we all have to suffer.

    I also noticed that my whole post above was useless because you obviously chickened out when you said “we’ll eletronic music, hiphop or whatever…” 😉

    Actually, I understand now that you meant you would be playing ‘music from around the world’ and not ‘world music’ like you said which is a term popularized by David Byrne, Peter Gabriel and WOMAD, Putumayo and others anglos which is a very broad term which symbolizes non anglo-saxon musical styles. (I know, its english on one side and all 500 other languages in one group)

    Still, the bands above offer some of the best indie sounds made in Montreal and that you will find playing the local clubs, so I dont feel like Ive wasted 15mins of my life!!


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