podcast 28 jun

i put up a show last night and am just now getting around to blah blahing about it because i’m freaking out about iTunes, as well as being otherwise pretty busy. shownotes later, i swear.

click here to listen

tracks by dl incognito, canibus, and mum’s the word. show some love if you like em.






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  1. Phil Avatar

    In reference to your rant about your music being mainstream. Who cares, really? Just because people like something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Generally the public like empty music, but there are exceptions. Just because an artist you like is getting major attention doesn’t make him irrelevant. Not liking something because it’s popular is just as bad as liking it for the same reason. So what if MF Doom/Cool Keith/Viktor Vaughn, or any other alter ego that man has dreamed up, is on MTV? If the shit is good, fucking listen to it, and fucking play it if you want to, as long as you have the permission.

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