podcast 15 jul


addressing all sorts of issues re: how fucked up my life is getting.

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music by soul position, greg macpherson (iTunes), wolf parade (iTunes), and eric rinzo. as expected, i found literally nothing on the web on this artist. i got the email address and i’ll let them know i played them, though.

comments welcome on all issues.






2 responses to “podcast 15 jul”

  1. Mikel O.D. Avatar

    Julian –Another excellant show – thank you so much for pimpin my podcast and playing my messages it was great to hear it.

  2. Justin in SF Avatar
    Justin in SF

    Wow you rock – keep the shows flowing into my iPod. The lying corporate media elitist stranglehold on our minds will be destroyed as the sheepel start to listen. You have the power to awaken those simple minds.
    REQUEST can you have the show names on this page match what my iPod says. My simple mind gets lost Show 15JUL=ioyh54 um… Thank You!!!

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