zundfunk to run august 9th

although i still have no idea how or if we’re going to be able to hear it online, the program m-c and i put together for zundfunk radio will run on august 9th.





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  1. cavecook Avatar

    Thought you might like to know. Doppler returns a namespace error when looking for the rss feed of ioyh because you use as your name tag. It’s the only itunes tag in the RSS feed, but it sure is stumping Doppler.

  2. Starzinger Avatar

    Hi, I wantet to contact you over e-mail but didn’t find any e-mail adress…

    Check out our tracks (free and podsafe) on http://www.dirschlundstarzinger.de (e.g. “Teenage Wasteland”).

    Have fun with it!

    Philipp Starzinger

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