listeners wanted

listeners of either my or m-c‘s podcast wanted, if you’re available on august 6th around the plateau somewhere. it’s for a local paper that wants podcasters and listeners (this is where you come in). there’s room for 3 people, so those that suck up the most, win. 🙂





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  1. Alex M. Avatar

    Hey dude. I’m so into your podcasts. I’m actually thinking of getting off my ass starting my own blog/podcast, simply because I love the rythme and pace of your shows. Comments flow, music fits in nicely and cuss words abound. My kinda podcast. I actually stopped listening to mtl podcasts until I found yours. I’m so suscribed to your rss. I actually check it every morning when I boot up the machine. Is this the most “sucking up” you’ve ever gotten on this blog? BTW I prefer the chinese take out theme. Do I win??? alexandre.michel at

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