ioyh 57 – golden mask, teargas and plateglass, blueprint

yo yo. it’s been recommended to me that i set these blog entries up so that the titles are the same as the id3 stuff you see on your mp3 player, so i’m going to try to do that now. thanks to justin in SF for this, and to ‘cavecook’ for telling me that my feed is fucking up in doppler. as i said to him, i would much prefer that my feed work with indie podcatching clients rather than proprietary, exclusionary ones, so i will fix that asap.

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music is by blueprint and his excellent album 1988, as well as teargas and plateglass, and my main man golden mask. i briefly discuss flash mobs (in case anyone remembers those) and my involvement in the montreal ones.

let me know in the comments if you liked the change of style of music we tried here today.






2 responses to “ioyh 57 – golden mask, teargas and plateglass, blueprint”

  1. Christian Avatar

    thanks for the introduction to teargas and plateglass & waxploitation. it’s in the mail. definitely feature this kind of music as frequently as you please

  2. Waxploitation Avatar

    We have a free sampler of Teargas & Plateglass songs…so we can make people more away of their music…if you’d like one, send an e-mail to with TEARGAS in the header and your mailing address.

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