Hip Hop Set #1

I’ve been working on a mixtape-type hiphop set since the last show, so I present that to you now. It’s not genius but it’s a lot of good, independent tracks, mixed fairly well by someone who’s just starting out doing this sort of thing. Let me know what you think.

Click here to listen.

You know, a year ago I would’ve been able to play none – zero – of the MCs I played on this podcast, but all of these recordings, less than a year later, are podsafe for IOYH. 100% legal. Check below for the artists; you may be surprised by who is included in the list.

Immortal Technique
Sage Francis
MF Doom
Living Legends crew
DJ Danger Mouse
Brother Ali
Ghostface Killah
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien



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4 responses to “Hip Hop Set #1”

  1. Krash Coarse Avatar

    Dude, good tracks, but I guess I’m used to your usual format, ’cause it didn’t seem the same without your “blabla” as you call it 🙂
    Come back and rant, man!

    hang loose,

  2. Matt Lubniewski Avatar

    Yo. It is good to see Del on a podcast!! He hasn’t always been podsafe, right? Great show.


  3. Justin in SF Avatar
    Justin in SF

    Something a little different always cool. Great tracks.

  4. […] I didn’t talk a lot in here (ok, at all), so I don’t have a lot of notes. But please consider downloading my otherhiphopsets if you liked this one. Which I know you did. […]

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