ioyh 65 – teargas and plateglass, mums the word feat eve, black adam

here’s a show i did today. i’m sore from all sorts of jumping around and biking right now, but it’s all good. go get it!

My Odeo Channel

(or a direct mp3 download if you prefer.)

i feature music by teargas and plateglass, mums the word (iTunes version of the album doesn’t include that track, but linking to it anyway), and black adam.






2 responses to “ioyh 65 – teargas and plateglass, mums the word feat eve, black adam”

  1. Alexandre Avatar

    So, yeah…
    The site does look better although the background makes it hard to see the top of comment form.
    How does it feel when you’re 50 lbs. too heavy? Actually not so bad, as long as you’re in relatively good shape. Still running up escalators in the Métro or elsewhere without getting out of breath. Yeah, being too heavy can be very bad for your health but it doesn’t feel weird or anything.
    What’s with the 206 area code? Like Seattle or something? Mark Prince on recently switched his toll-free number to a Seattle number. Are they having a discount for Canadians who want to pretend they live in Charbucks country?
    But the music is cool.

  2. Sam Abuelsamid Avatar

    Hey Julien, great show even though I am not a hiphop fan. I am one of those weirdos that fast forwards through most of the music just so I can listen to your ranting. Anyway on your issue with using music from itunes music store. The thing you should do is grab a copy jhymn, just google for it. It can strip all the drm off of m4p files and make it into a straight m4a. Then you can either use the m4a in garageband or if you right click on the track in itunes you can convert to mp3 and use it that way. Keep up the great work.

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