ioyh 66 – fubsan, hexes and ohs, of montreal

spreading the love, show #66.

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(direct mp3 download)

links: fubsan, hexes and ohs, of montreal. digital detroit radio.

of relevance to my rant: this amazing post (and attached document) on What is the (Next) Message?






3 responses to “ioyh 66 – fubsan, hexes and ohs, of montreal”

  1. [clever name] Avatar

    Dude! I’m so feeling that Hexe’s and ohs track!

  2. Marco Raaphorst Avatar

    Nice show with nice music. You’re right about promoting Creative Commons music, because this licensing sytem is probably one of the few which really works for composers and performers which really works.

  3. […] his band on my podcast before in case you need some reminding as to how awesome they are. (1) (2)

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