ioyh 67 – voxtrot, electrum, che chapter 127

i totally lose my mind on this show. no, really. it made no sense. listen at your own risk.

in other news, the national post ended up screwing us over a bit yesterday – i talk a bit about it as well.

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2 responses to “ioyh 67 – voxtrot, electrum, che chapter 127”

  1. Elliott Avatar

    Just subscribed to your show (few weeks ago) after learning of podcasts and your show is honestly amazing. I feel you deserve the recognition you got, along with mc (who’s show I also listen to) from the Gazette. I feel podcasting is gonna become an important form of easily accesible and hopefully unbiased media, not that it hasn’t already achieved this plateau. I really liked Voxtrot and that Scottish band, I really dig your combination of genres and flavours. I’ll also let you know that I’m not over forty or missing teeth but rather 16, I’ve started spreading the word of your show and I feel it’s target audience is as broad as your show is diverse. Once again great show, keep it going and hopefully in the near future, with aid of my 10$ Bureau En Gros mic I’ll be able to join the ranks of Montreal based podcasters. Great music, great rambling and great show.


  2. brooke Avatar

    hooray for 16-year-olds!

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