ioyh 69 – dopestyle 1231, hiretsukan, clann zu

new show up, shownotes later… it’s 3:36 am dammit.

My Odeo Channel

updated the iMix as well, but Apple’s iTMS isn’t taking it for some reason.. maybe a delay. click and see if you can find Clann Zu in there. lord knows what the hell is going on.

update: music was by dopestyle 1231, hiretsukan, and clann zu.






2 responses to “ioyh 69 – dopestyle 1231, hiretsukan, clann zu”

  1. Deniz Avatar

    Holy shit, that Hiretsukan track surprised me. I’m lovin’ it.

    Haven’t you played that Clann Zu track at least 4 times before? It’s a good track and everything, but…

    And now to make myself seem like an asshole that takes everything too seriously: I’m not a hardcorekid. No tight t-shirts and dyed-black hair. No girlpants. And no lust for uber-technical but creatively stagnant death metal. Sorry.

    Also, I don’t pretend to fight the air at shows. I’m a firm believer in going crazy to the point of injury, and not standing in one place is totally untrendy.

    Oh, and I’m not anorexic. My plump and round ass disqualifies me from being a trendy hardcorekid for all eternity.

  2. tom Avatar

    can you email me your address again? i just got back and i dont have the email with your address on it. i want to send you some stuff. thanks.

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